Blog #10

It’s “tech week”. Getting ready for any show requires a surprising number of hours and days of preparing the lighting, the cueing, sound levels, prop details, backstage choreography and more.  Yesterday was the second 8 hour day in the theatre, with my lighting designer and crew preparing the “plot” (of where instruments are hung, how they are focussed, and how they are circuited together, with what color gel), writing the cues and then determining timing, duration, intensity.  I love doing tech rehearsals – the way lighting changes the plasticity of the space, and affects the tone and intensity of the work is magic.  Dave Covey in particular has such a creative and profound way to paint emotion and attitude with light.

This photo was taken from the booth where the stage manager and sound board operator are running the show.  Performers have to trust their production team and follow their lead as much as they are following the performer.  One learns to find the light, feel the hot spot, sense the angle and shadows, coax the timing of a cue, and more.

Tonight, dress rehearsal.  The two shows Friday and two Saturday.  Here goes!

2 thoughts on “Blog #10

  1. Such a pleasure to work with you. And the timing could not be better, as we attempt to push through the daily challenges before us to carve out some sanity and beauty in this world. Your work is a gift to us all. Thank you Susan.


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