Blog #9

Here, allow me to answer some questions asked of me lately…  what are yours?

Is there anyone else dancing in this show?

No.  Just me.  Although the audience is invited to participate in a few things.  Don’t worry – not dancing.

How do I hold myself accountable just working by myself?

Good one.  Just like how many of us are motivated to get a job done.  Fear of it not being done?  The days where it’s fascinating and fun make up for all the days that it’s a slog.

Is this on campus?

No, it’s at the Columbus Performing Arts Center.  Van Fleet Theatre.  Known by many where Children’s Theatre is often produced.  Down the street a few blocks from the Columbus Public Library. Parking on street or ACROSS the street.  Note, no parking in lot next door.

You’re really doing a piece you made in 1992?

Yup, apparently so.  Been doing lots of practice – dance, yoga, running – hoping it all adds up.  The piece is called “O Mortal”.  Picture and a little bit about it here.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, cash or plastic. It does save you the fee on Eventbrite.  But seating is limited.  We plan to open the house about 20 minutes before show time.  General seating. Don’t forget to bring some gently used clothing or domestic linens.

Am I required to bring a donation?

No.  Just come as you are.  Thank you.

How long is the show? 

About an hour.  So, the matinee will finish about 4:10 plus a talk back if you want to stay for that.  The evening shows will wrap up around 8:40 – time for a late but not too late dinner after.  No talk back for the evening shows.




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