Blog #5

Today I read “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” by Ilene Beckerman and it moved me.  It’s her stories about events in her life and what she wore.  It really touches on what I’m interested in – the memories in the fabrics of our lives.  The very fiber of what moves us is literally woven in to the threads we wear or touch.  Maybe not everyone attaches meaning to the memories through clothing or table settings, but I do and it’s the experience of both nostalgia and yearning that drives The Linen Closet.  Life seems so very fleeting, really, and yet we drape it, adorn it, wrap it, protect it, and flaunt it, with fabric.

Pictured with this blog post is me in my grandmother’s 1950’s Sarmi gown – it was the starting point for my 1987 piece Is a Woman.  (photo by Stephanie Matthews) The title came from my friend Joanna Gere who was designing clothes at the time and her business was called “A Dress is a Woman you Can Dance Inside”.  Is a Woman was a dance that uncovered the many women hidden in that gown, and of course woven into that were my own memories as well as foreshadowings, if you will.  The dance utilized dinner napkins too, as did two short studies in the 90’s: My Grandmother Entertained, and My Grandmother Got Married in a Black Dress.  So my running around with fabric has been going on for a long time.  I hope audience will find their own touch points with the new work.
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