Blog #4

Perhaps to pique your interest….

In this show I estimate there are:

  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 13 costumes with an estimated 30 pieces
  • 11 pieces of furniture or set pieces
  • Piles of what the audience (you) will bring
  • Piles of linens from family, ancestors, friends, garage sales and Goodwill
  • A belt
  • A boa
  • A hat and something else that goes on the head
  • 23 pieces of music including a pre-show mix
  • A pair of scissors, a needle and thread – sort of
  • A cartwheel, a headstand, a leap, a nae nae, and a Supta Virasana
  • A check for monsters under the bed
  • A dining table, a fashion runway, a death bed

This post might remind you of the I Spy games – they’re fun.  Or, you can buy a ticket and bring this list and find them all during the program.



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