Blog #2

Working with a Director:

People have asked me what it’s been like working with a director on my solo project, The Linen Closet.  Robert Post asked if I would consider it, as he has been working with a fair number of choreographers in this role.  I was cautious and a little worried about how authorship and decisions would go, and if “my” ideas would get subsumed.

As it has turned out, the process has been purely galvanizing, utterly supportive, and deeply rigorous.  I only wish we had more time.  He comes to rehearsal, I show something I’m working on, even if it is just a loosely improvised “bit” that I have a hunch about.  He notices things.  He responds to the lucid moments, the “good” stuff, and I pretty much right away know it and agree and we go from there to mold, shape, direct, and clarify details.  He’s a stickler for details and I am too.

As a solo artist, I have fostered an ability to have a kind of “outside eye” even while being the performer – part of me stands away and looks, as it were.  I’m always sensing the relative layering of imagery, or the timing of things, or legibility vs. obfuscation. But having a director there allows so much more to be noticed, read, connected, and deepened.

Of course his theater, voice, and mime background has specifically helped with this work, but he’s completely at ease with just looking at movement and help each moment to reach its potential.

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