Blog #1

Five Weeks to Go!

I have returned from a month away and am gearing up to really finish these new pieces and be as ready as I can be for this program.  It’s feeling quite daunting, actually.  The Linen Closet has a few “finished” sections, but a few that are still being worked on.  I am continuing my work with Director Robert Post (watch for a blog post about the process), and hope to really come closer to what I hope this piece can do.  Its odd blend of movement, voice, fabric, costume, character, mime, and music, is challenging me to perform the hell out of it.  I’m working on getting a little crazy with it.

The Gift Project involves rehearsing essentially six different pieces – as it is a collection of five 2 minute dances by 5 other choreographers (names to be revealed soon perhaps) and then my own packaging of the 5 is essentially another section.  Lots to work on there.

O Mortal, pictured above in 1992 when I made it, is like a collection, loosely, of meditations, yoga poses or flows…  my work on it requires “collecting” myself and honing my strength and flexibility.  It’s a fascinating challenge of breath work, moving into a place of “ether”, and practicing a deep, complex concentration that paradoxically is a state of observation and detachment.

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